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What Is Dry Eye Disease?

What Is Dry Eye Disease?

Doctor-Recommended Dry Eye Disease Relief

Dry eye disease is what it sounds like: a deficiency of high-quality natural tears that can result in dry, itchy, watery, or otherwise irritated eyes. Using a drug store brand of eye drops that promise “lasting relief” of your symptoms won’t cure you; they may even make your symptoms worse! For truly lasting relief of dry eye disease, you need to take the guesswork out of your treatment — with doctor-recommend, high-quality products tailored to you.

Why Choosing the Right Drops Is Important

My Dry Eye Box was started because as physicians who treat patients with dry eyes, we couldn’t help but notice the many common over-the-counter medications intended to treat dry eye do the opposite! Contrary to popular belief, some of the most popular products can be loaded with preservatives that won’t provide relief for your symptoms. In fact, they can damage your eyes and cause dry eye symptoms to worsen!

Since dry eye can have many different causes and resulting symptoms, there is not a one-size-fits-all treatment. With My Dry Eye Box, we can recommend a box of eye drops that are tailored to the severity of your symptoms for soothing, lasting relief.


Types of Drops for
Dry Eye Disease Treatment


No matter which dry eye box you receive, you can rest assured that each product is doctor-recommended and part of an effective treatment protocol when used as directed. Our boxes are not brand-specific; we only supply products that have quality ingredients tailored to the severity and type of your symptoms. And most importantly, our products are free from preservatives that cause damage to your eye and exacerbate your symptoms.







Why You
Should Trust Us

As doctors who diagnose and treat dry eye every day, our recommendations are authentic. We’ve seen the difference that quality products can make, and we want to extend those benefits to everyone who needs them. We realized the overwhelming need for convenient, reliable, and effective treatments for dry eye disease, so we became suppliers. We choose products that we believe are the best for you, based on clinical evidence. Knowing which products work and which are scams — and having no ties to the pharmaceutical industry or loyalty to brands — allows us to treat your dry eye ethically and effectively.