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Not just another subscription service...

Your monthly membership also comes with access to our on-call Doctors to answer any questions you may have or discuss your dry eye regimen.

How it Works


We at My Dry Eye Box realize that when it comes to your eyes and vision, nothing is more important. For this reason, our Founder, Dr. Paymohn Mahdavi, wanted to make sure that every member of the club get access to a doctor to ask any questions or simply clarify some instructions or information on one of their eye drops. 

Unlike any other subscription service out there, My Dry Eye Box gives its members access to email our on-call doctors and are guaranteed a reply within 24 hours. Having had experience with his patients in clinic, Dr. Mahdavi knows that sometimes when it comes to dry eye treatment, many patients are left with questions. He wanted to provide an outlet for all those patients to be able to reach out and get actual answers from actual doctors. 

Once you subscribe, you are given a private e-mail address that goes directly to our doctor and then within 24 hours you will get a reply. Not only is My Dry Eye Box a first of its kind in the subscription box world, but with this feature we hope to revolutionize the industry as a whole because you deserve only the best.