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We Deliver
Dry Eye Relief

We Deliver
Dry Eye Relief

My Dry Eye Box was created by doctors, for doctors, so you can earn revenue while enusring your patients recieve affordable, quality products.




My Dry Eye Box is a mail-order subscription service capable of providing relief for every case of dry eye. Our boxes are stocked with the best products on the market - verified by practicing eye doctors delivered direct to your doorstep when you need it the most.


Assess your patient's needs and make a recommendation from one of our many boxes.


Patient uses a unique coupon code to sign up and get their first box free!


A personalized box is delivered to their home once per month, every 2 or 3 months based on the box.


Your practice receives a revenue share with every box delivered.



The Problem with Standard Dry Eye Treatment

There is no "standard" approach to dry eye. Most of the time, you're having conversations with your patients about their symptoms and then recommending the most effective course of treatment for their case. But there's no guarantee that those recommendations will stick when they leave your office.

Maybe you rely on sales reps to provide reliable samples or buy your own products to share with your patients. But once they run out, they're left on their own to find relief in a sea of overwhelming and misleading options.

My Dry Eye Box is giving you an easier way to make sure your dry eye patients get the treatment they need.

The My Dry Eye Box Solution

Based on our experience as practicing physicians, the team behind My Dry Eye Box came up with a solution that meets your patients' needs as well as your own.

Our monthly subscription boxes are doctor-curated using the most effective products. With My Dry Eye Box in your arsenal, you can guarantee lasting relief for your patients at affordable prices.

There's no cost to become a partner and share in the profits from every delivery. Our solution is simple: be the dry eye hero your patients need while building a recurring revenue stream in the process.

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I’m all about getting the right eye drops into patients hands. Dry Eye Box is great for people who spend money regularly on eye drops. It’ll save you money.

Will Flanary


Ready to Make Dry Eye Treatment Easier for You and Your Patients?

Call us or request your referral package to learn more about becoming a My Dry Eye Box partner!