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Want to Provide Easier Dry Eye Relief?

My Dry Eye Box is a subscription service that delivers only the highest quality products direct to your patients.

What Is My Dry Eye Box?

The idea for My Dry Eye Box came from practicing physicians who wanted a better way to get patients the right products they needed to resolve the symptoms of dry eye while addressing the underlying causes. The goal was to finally put an end to patients buying Visine, ClearEyes, or drops full of preservatives.

The result? A convenient, cost-effective system that delivers doctor-recommended products to your patients on a monthly basis. Our boxes are stocked with the OTC dry eye products that doctors recommend every day, and since they’re set up as a subscription, you won’t have to worry about keeping patients compliant. And, My Dry Eye Box doesn’t just deliver relief for your patients — as a partner, you share in the revenue from every box!



My Dry Eye Box is a mail-order subscription service capable of providing relief for every case of dry eye. Our boxes are stocked with the best products on the market — verified by practicing eye doctors — delivered direct to your doorstep when you need it the most. 


Assess your patient’s needs and make a recommendation from one of our many boxes.


Patient uses a unique coupon code to sign up and get their first box free!


A personalized box is delivered to their home once per month, every 2 or 3 months based on the box.


The Problem

We realized that doctors are having productive conversations with their patients, but struggle to control the same patients’ actions as soon as they leave their office, ultimately unable to provide relief that lasts until the next visit.

Do any of these sound familiar? Having the same conversations at every visit. Writing your recommendations on sticky note. Giving patients a coupon to buy elsewhere. Relying on reps for samples. Even buying your own products, selling one to a patient in your practice, and then hoping they end up making the right decisions on their own between appointments. My Dry Eye Box is providing a better way — one that doctors are desperate for.

The Solution

Our boxes are doctor-curated using the most proven products on the market, with options built to fit different cases and levels of severity. We have the best pricing and the most reliable fulfillment so that you can be sure your patients are getting what they need when they need it.

As a referral partner with My Dry Eye Box, there’s no cost to join AND you will be getting profit sharing for each patient that signs up. You can stop managing inventory and worrying about where your patients are getting their dry eye products. With their first box free, and long-term relief from pain and frustration, your patients will look at you like the dry eye hero you are.


What the docs are saying

Gone are the days of worrying that patients are defaulting to Visine after they run out of the sample of Refresh given in office - MyDryEyeBox helps keep them on track year round! I love that MyDryEyeBox allows my patients to receive premium drops and lid products consistently to their door to ensure their ocular health as well as keep them connected to my office. MyDryEyeBox has enabled my practice to offer a variety of products to my patients without the overhead cost of bringing in multiple brands to my office.

Sarah Blackwelder



Are you ready to partner with My Dry Eye Box to make life easier for you and your patients? Are you ready to stop giving free advertising to the dry eye pharmaceutical companies and start making some revenue for all your hard work? Call us or request your referral package to get started!