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As a group of physicians who treat dry eye disease every day, we recognize the importance of providing easy, affordable, and convenient treatment for every patient.

The problem? Nothing on the market addressed all our patient concerns in a simple, practical way— so we created our own service to satisfy the needs of dry eye patients across the country. My Dry Eye Box was built to provide anyone struggling to find consistent relief amidst the overwhelming array of options with affordable, personalized treatment, delivered conveniently to their homes.

Why We Created
My Dry Eye Box

Through his experience treating dry eye patients in his practice, our founder, Dr. Paymohn Mahdavi, realized how difficult it could be to get patients access to the most effective products after they leave the office.

There’s a massive selection of eye drops and topical products for dry eye on the market, and some of the top brands, like Visine and Clear Eyes, can actually make dry eye symptoms worse! We believe that patients shouldn’t have to hunt through Amazon listings or be limited by the selection at their local drug store when they need relief from the irritating symptoms of dry eye disease.

Patients need a practical, convenient solution for dry eye treatment, so My Dry Eye Box was born. Now doctors and patients can rest easy: My Dry Eye Box ensures they get the right treatment for their dry eye with doctor-recommended products, all at the best prices.

Why Choose My Dry Eye Box

Why Choose
My Dry Eye Box

The Problem

  • There are too many products to choose from, and without guidance, it’s difficult to know which is right for you.
  • Product labels mislead customers and make it impossible to differentiate between types and their true effectiveness.
  • Samples doctors receive are generic and not customized to you so they may not address your specific dry eye needs.
  • Without an effective treatment, you’re more likely to get worse or give up before finding a solution that works for you.

The Solution

  • Doctor-curated products you can trust.
  • Prices we’ve negotiated so you can afford them (more affordable than pharmacies or Amazon).
  • Boxes are customized to your condition type and severity of your symptoms.
  • Conveniently delivered straight to your home when you need it.
  • Access to on-call physicians if you have any questions about your treatment or symptoms.
  • Get your first box free!

Meet The Founders

Dr. Will Flanary and the other founders of My Dry Eye Box are experienced physicians who share a genuine commitment to our mission — providing patients with the best dry eye products on the market, increasing compliance through convenient, timely home delivery, and sharing the profits with doctors interested in improving their patients’ treatment outcomes. Click to learn more about the founding members of our team!